TAST 2012 summary

Take a Stitch Tuesday is a challenge from Sharon B. on her blog.  This page of my blog will link back to the various posts of how I used each stitch in my gingerbread house.

Week 34: Linked Double Chain
Week 33: Pekinese Stitch
Week 32: Cast-on Stitch
Week 31: Algerian Eye Stitch
Week 30: Oyster Stitch
Week 29: Basque Stitch
Week 28: Up and Down buttonhole
Week 27:  Bonnet Stitch
Week 26: Palestrina Knot
Week 25: Cable Chain
Week 24: Buttonhole Wheel
Week 23: Challenge no new stitch
Week 22: Knotted Cretan
Week 21: Butterfly Chain                     Girl top DMC 321 2 Strands
Week 20: Bullion Knot                         Girl top decoration
Week 19: Half Chevron                        Girl top DMC 321
Week 18: Crossed Buttonhole              Girl outline of apron perle12 white
Week 17: Wheatear Stitch                   Girl apron inside pattern perle 12 white
Week 16: French Knot                        Girl top buttons
Week 15: Stem Stitch                         Boy and Girl in Outline/Stem mixture
Week 14: Satin Stitch                         Boys Pants
Week 13: Challenge no new stitch
Week 12: Barred Chain                      Girl belt DMC 321
Week 11: Whipped Wheel                 Girl apron scallop edge perle 12 white
Week 10: Pattern Darning                   Roof Background and Boy arms Perle 8
Week 9: Couching                              Girl collar Beading wire
Week 8: Chain Stitch                          Boy shirt
Week 7: Detached Chain                    Girl collar Metallic sewing thread
Week 6: Chevron Stitch                      Upper house filling DMC floss 433
Week 5: Herringbone Stitch                Peak of roof first layer Perle 8 white
Week 4: Cretan Stitch                        Boy belt - 3 strands floss and 2 metallic sewing
Week 3: Feather Stitch                      House divider Perle 8 DMC 902
Week 2: Buttonhole Stitch                  Royal Icing edging in Perle 8 white
Week 1: Fly Stitch                             Peak of roof in Krenik 032 #16 braid   

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