Monday, February 13, 2012

Gingerbread house update

Front of house progress
I have been working on my house. Mostly I have been doing the boring royal icing buttonhole stitches around the outside edges.

 I have basted in my widow and door on the front of the house. The window will eventually be hardanger. I have added TAST week 6 - Chevron stitch to the upper part of the house.

The big picture


  1. This is coming right along. I think it looks great, even though everything is pretty monochromatic at this point. Stitch faster, ok? I want you to get to the fun part like windows and doors soon!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Jane. You know I have to put in the bottom stitches before I can add the decorations. I also have to put off most of the beads until the end. But so far I am happy with it.