Monday, March 5, 2012

Boy and Girl

I have been working on my Gingerbread boy and girl. They are both outlined in perle 8 white using outline stitch. I have picked threads, beads, and stitches for the boy. Now I just need to find time to stitch.
Options for the gingerbread boy

Outline stitch


  1. I love Ginger Bread Houses.A great idea. looking forward to the completed one.Keep us posted

    Ms Sharma

  2. Hi there Mary Ruth! First time visitor, I'm playing along with TAST'12, wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your Pinterest page. You've posted some amazing stuff there, like the Korean (?) Art Beads link that has the wonderful tutorials in pictures. Also some TAST work I don't recall seeing before. So Thanks! and happy stitching.

    1. I have had fun playing with Pinterest. I love the ability to "bookmark" things with a picture to remind me why I wanted to save the site in the first place.

  3. The drawing you have done promises a very nice needlework. I will return later to see the result