Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 4 TAST finally

Week 4 TAST was the Cretan Stitch.  I decided where I wanted to use it, but I had to get there first.

I found Rose's raised Cretan stitch on her blog when looking at everyone's work.  This was not a stitch I was familiar with, so I used my trusty friend google to find instructions.  Then I stuck both of them on my TAST Pinterest page so I could find them again later.

For the boy's pants I used Perle 5 DMC 321 and Ribbon Floss 142F-12.  They are just slanted satin stitch.

For the belt I used 3 strands of mystery floss from a stash given to me by a friend some time ago.  She had gathered a lot of odds and ends and put them in a bag.  Some were orts, some were whole skeins.  And everything in between.  I did the back stitch base with the floss.  Then I added 2 strands of the metallic sewing thread (also a mystery fiber) that I used in his sleeves to do the raised Cretan. A bit of the metallic sewing thread is pinned at the bottom so you can see it.

Close up of the Raised Cretan Belt

Boy got pants and a belt

Bag of partly unided thread

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