Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bead Soup Necklace

For some reason Blogger hates me today and it is doing odd things with my pictures.  So you get the necklace first and the explanation after.

 I made a necklace using part of my bead soup.  I used the blue hexagon beads, 2 clear glass beads that I framed with cubic right angle weave (CRAW), and 2 of the diamond shaped beads.  I added beads from stash that actually were given to me by a lady who made wire bead flowers with them.  They are hank beads and I was concerned that they might not be regular enough to use for beading, but they did great.  The strap is St. Petersburg Chain.
Necklace made with Bead Soup
In September I got a Bead Soup from Beadlush in Charlotte, NC and Kalmbach Publishing.  I showed you a picture of my soup, but I am going to share it again. I sort of explained it when I put up the picture before. Lori Anderson wrote a book called Bead Soup.  The idea is for people to send leftover beads or beads they do not want to use or special beads they have made to another person and see what they come up with for these beads.  It started with the former idea.  For this soup, Kalmbach the publisher asked bead stores to put together a package of beads to be sent to beaders.  I have until the end of October to do something with these beads and email it to Kalmbach Publishing.  Oh look there is a Pinterest page too.
Bead Soup

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Work continues slowly on Elizabeth.  We have a contractor repairing some water damage at our house. I was hiding in the basement, working on Elizabeth, when I heard someone coming down the stairs.  It was the plumber who needed to get to some pipes from underneath through the drop ceiling in our basement.  Suddenly, before I knew exactly what he was planning to do, he was removing ceiling tiles very close to my stitching area.  And standing on the bar.  I was grabbing up the laptop and all its pieces parts and Elizabeth and quickly stashing them out of reach.  Luckily no damage was done except to the ceiling tile which cracked.

Elizabeth with one sleeve shaded
I will apologize for my poor shot of Elizabeth this week.  We are staying in the basement since they are going to start sanding the new sheet rock soon.  So no natural light for this picture.  I have done the blackwork pattern on both sleeves and added shading to one side.