Saturday, September 22, 2012

Elizabeth continues

It has been a full month since I posted any progress on Elizabeth.  I have worked on it.  We have also been doing some "renovations" (read fixing water damage) on our house this month.  So for part of the month Elizabeth has been packed safely away.  Her sleeves and underskirt will have blackwork on them.  The light gray you see in the picture is folds and shadows.  In the original, it was done in two different grays, but for the SNS kits the grays were too close, so we only have one shade.

Elizabeth WIP with gray shading
Bead soup from Kalmbach Publishing

And I got this in the mail from Kalmbach Publishing and Beadlush in Charlotte.  As part of the release of the Bead Soup book, they sent out some kits of beads.  Now I need to make a necklace with it and post some pictures.  I usually work with seed beads, so I have no idea what I'm going to do with this soup.

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  1. You are really making progress on Elizabeth and she looks great!