Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kumihimo and Beadwork

I decided to play with something for the Operation Tackle That Bead Stash challenge.  Each month they post a color combo and the challenge is to use beads from your stash to make something and post a picture.  They also have a facebook page with lots and lots of eye candy.  The color combo for this month is blue and copper.  I did not have a lot of copper beads to play with and I have been wanting to try Kumihimo, so I decided to play with a paper plate and these 8 strand Kumihimo instructions.

My Kumihimo threads
 I started with one crochet cotton and Omega nylon from stash.  Lesson 1 - do not try to mix two different threads if you have no clue what you are doing.  The nylon wanted to slip and the cotton wanted to grip.  But I persevered.  Because I am stubborn like that.
Kumihimo braid

Wow I put a lot of links in that explanation.  And I am not done yet.  Another thing I wanted to play with is from a new beading book by Kate McKinnon and Jean Power.  The book is not out yet, but if you preorder the book, you can access some of the projects ahead of time.

The power puff ring as a clasp in progress
 I followed the power puff ring instructions but added the magnetic clasp at a corner. 
Finished necklace
My kids say I made myself a bow tie.

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