Monday, March 12, 2012

Making a beaded flower or button

This post will show how I made the buttons for my gingerbread boy. I used Nymo and a beading needle since I go through each bead 2 times.
First I added 2 beads over a 4 x 4 square of linen.

First 2 beads
Then I added the next 2 beads as if doing a cross stitch. I adjusted the beads before pulling the thread all the way through so that one fell on each corner.

2nd 2 beads adjusted one on each side

Next I came back up through the first bead, added the center bead, and then down through the other side of the cross.

Back up through the first bead
Adding the middle bead

Finally, repeat the other side of a traditional cross stitch passing right to left through the center bead.  When done, the four bottom beads will lay at angles and the top bead will be vertical on the top.

Pass a 2nd time through the middle bead
Finished button or flower

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