2013 UFO Challenge

Cyberstitchers is the online chapter of EGA.  For 2013 we are having a UFO challenge.  I plan to use this page to update my UFO progress.

UFO 1 is Elizabeth by Gay Ann Rogers.

Elizabeth start

 UFO 2 is a sampler started in the 1990s.  You can see from the start pictures that it is close to done and that I put the date on it in 2000.  There is work on the bottom, beads to be added, and finished to do.

UFO 3 is the TAST gingerbread house that this blog was started to document. 

  UFO 4 is Acorn Etui by Dianne Clements.  Most of the outside of the Etui is done, but I need to complete the accessories and the finishing.
Main section Acorn Etui

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  1. I look forward to seeing your progress. I, too, am working on Elizabeth and I also have a sampler that I stitched the date (1997) that is yet to be finished.