Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ukrainian Eggs

I took Ukrainian Eggs a Cyber workshop by Michele Roberts from ANG (American Needlepoint Guild).  There is a picture of the finished eggs if you scroll down on this page.  The project included 7 egg patterns.  I have completed the stitching for 3 of the eggs.  I had a hard time working on the black in the winter months.  I hope to get these out and work on them over the summer when I have better light.  Each egg has the symbols explained in the instructions.  Michele Roberts writes very good directions. I would recommend anyone who likes needlepoint take her classes.


  1. Gorgeous stitching! They look very striking on the black fabric.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful and your stitching is perfection. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Mary, can you contact me at ndleartnut@aol.com? I have a question!