Sunday, May 27, 2012

TAST finally caught up

I finally put the rest of the skipped TAST stitches in my gingerbread house.  I am still working on the girl. I know it will be hard to see, since it is hard to take pictures of white on white. 
Girl overview
 In the closeup I hope you can see that I outlined the apron in crossed buttonhole (Week 18) and then added the pink beads in the holes I left behind.  The middle part of the apron is 4 rows of wheatear (Week 17) in alternating directions.  The scallops on the edge are whipped wheel (Week 11).  All the white stitching is DMC Perle 12.
Girl skirt with new stitches

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Temari Book by Barb Suess

Temari are Japanese balls made of a core covered by thread and then decorated.   I have been making temari for years although I tend to make the same patterns over and over and give them as gifts.

I received Barb Suess' new temari book in the mail yesterday.  Barb's new book is beautiful and a great resource. Barb has put up some pages on her website.  Click here to get a peek inside the book.

There is everything a beginner would need to know to get started with temari.  There are chapters on materials, making your core, putting in guidelines, and all the basic divisions.  There are 3 different techniques for marking a C10, which can be hard to get right.  The diagrams are clear and easy to follow. There are instructions for simple and intermediate balls to make throughout the book.  And a chapter of more complex patterns to make at the end. 

If you want to try temari, this book will get you started.  If you already know how to make them, this book is a great reference.  And if you just want eye candy, this book is beautiful.  Barb's book is available to order from the author through her website by clicking on the book cover in her sidebar. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Butterfly Chain

Boy and Girl in Progress
I am continuing to work on my Gingerbread Boy and Girl using TAST stitches.  I added Bullion Knot (Week 20) to the spaces between the half chevron.  It was done with one strand of the mystery floss.  It might have gone better with a slightly thicker thread, but it was a small space.  Her buttons are done with French Knots (Week 16) also with one strand of green mystery floss.  Her sleeves are done with two strands DMC 321 floss using Week 21 Butterfly stitch. 

The gingerbread parts on both are done with DMC 436 one strand.  His head is is discussed here. It is done in a pulled backstitch.  Her head is just a double running with no tension.  Any opinions?  Feel free to leave a comment if you like one better than the other. 

Girl top closeup

Monday, May 14, 2012

TAST summary page

I added a page to the blog that has links back to where I have used the various TAST stitches and talked about them in the blog. 

Now to get caught up on the rest of the stitches.

TAST update

I have not been stitching much.  But here is a quick update on what I have done on my gingerbread house.  I am still working on my boy and girl. I already had Week 14 (Satin Stitch) and Week 15 (Stem Stitch) on the boy and girl. 

Gingerbread boy and girl
 As you can see in the closeup, I couched (Week 9) down a gold beading wire to outline the girl's collar. It was couched with hand quilting thread.  I decorated the collar with detached chain(Week 7) in the metallic sewing thread I used on the boy.  I added the belt in Barred Chain (Week 12) using one strand of DMC 321.  I used Half Chevron (Week 19) for the main front of the top. 
Girl top closeup