Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TAST week 7

TAST week 7 is detached chain or lazy daisy stitch. This will eventually make it into my gingerbread house, but I need to put more background in first. So I played with detached chain on my doodle cloth. I usually think of this stitch as working out from a center, so I decided to play with it backwards. All stitches are done with 2 strands DMC floss.

 First I simply worked a square with the detached chain tack stitches all going into the center hole.
Detached chain 1

Then I did a shorter tack stitch with a little pull to make a center eyelet.
Detached chain eyelet
Finally I did the 4 chains across the top of the picture and wove the side ones in to make a basket effect.
Detached chain woven

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  1. Beautiful stitching. Interesting your woven stitches.