Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Playing with samples - want feedback

I have been working on my gingerbread house.  I have done the background for the roof.

I was hoping the glittery thread would show up better in the sunshine, but it really didn't. 
roof in progress
close up of the detatched buttonhole edge - beads will be added later

Now comes the fun part - I will be putting peppermints on the roof. You can see my test peppermints below.  They are made with perle cotton #8. 

test fabric
 The one on the left is needleweaving. The one on the right is detached buttonhole. I like the buttonhole one better.
sample 1
sample 2
                 These are test samples for peppermint sticks that go by the front door.  On the right is feather stitch over knit weight yarn (sample 1). Left is is feather stitch over a lighter weight yarn (sample 2).  And the last is beaded feather stitch over perle 8. If I use that one I will have to dig out some perle 5, or I might try the beads over a yarn (sample 3). Leave comments and tell me which you like and why.

sample 3


  1. I like the buttonhole peppermint better, too. The strips curve the way the real candy does. I like samples 1 and 3 for the candy canes best. No. 1 will allow you to mix two colors to get nice pepperminty looks and No. 3 will allow for the same if you mix bead colors. It all depends on how dimensional you want your candy canes to be. Beads will lift it off the fabric more. Hope this helps!

  2. Another vote for the buttonhole peppermint, for the same reason - it looks more like the real candy. And I like Sample 3 for the candy canes. I think they'll just look more authentic with the beads, and they'll be shiny, like real candy canes.