Thursday, January 26, 2012

Playing with candy canes

I am continuing to play on my doodle cloth trying to decide how to do the candy canes that I want to put by the front door of my gingerbread house.  Some of my possibilities are in my previous post.  I could not find any white beads in my stash.  However, in talking to a friend, I remembered that I have a whole box of beads I had not searched yet.  When you have been collecting stash your entire life, it adds up. 

bead possibilites for candy canes
I found some fake pearls in my stash.  I think they will work for my candy canes.  They are a pain to work with because the holes are not regular, so I will need to dig out the tiny beading needles.

I have not decided what to do with my Cretan stitch on the house.  I played with it a bit on the doodle cloth.  The bottom left corner is Scotish Cretan stitch from here.  The right side is two rows of single feather stitch.  These two stitches are weeks 3 and 4 of Take a Stitch Tuesday.

Cretan stitch samples and feather stitch sample

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  1. Your stitches are lovely! Thank you for the link to the Scottish Cretan stitch. I used a book to do mine. Take a look at the open cretan filling stitch I did on my sampler. It might give you an idea for your house.