Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not ready to stitch yet

Since my last post, I have been getting ready to start my gingerbread house.  First I decided that I want a good size house.  I eventually want to use this piece as a Christmas Card Holder.  So I got out my trusty ruler and cereal boxes and I made a sample house.

Mock up of Gingerbread House
Yes, I know it looks silly.

My next step was to go on a stash hunt.  I found a yard of 28 count linen in my stash.  I do not now remember who made it or where I bought it or why.  But there it is.  The next step for me is to place my cardboard pieces on my linen. 

Pieces of Gingerbread House laid out

I want to have a 3/4 inch seam allowance around each piece. 

Next step: BASTING which I am currently in the middle of.  Then I can finally get to actual stitching.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty impressive task you are taking on! I can't wait to see you put "icing" and "candy" on your gingerbread house!
    Jane, waving from cold CH where gingerbread would taste very good with my coffee