Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Reproduction" Sampler

I do not do reproduction samplers.  Not my thing, never has been.  But this one tempts me.

 It is from InkCircles and can be ordered here.  The designer, Tracy Horner also has a blog where she explains what she has learned from studying the "original" sampler.  Here are the posts related to the Little Alien Schoolgirl sampler.  I will enjoy following her blog to learn more about the alien script and the end of the world as predicted by sandworms.

Little Alien Schoolgirl Sampler
I realized in reading back over this that I did not really explain what she did.  There is a whole backstory developing on the designer's blog.  About being called in to a secret government facility to see the original sampler.  It is a sci fi reproduction sampler. 

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  1. Very appropriate for the year of another Mars landing and marking time in sols on Mars!